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Abigail Carter - CEF Uruguay

At the age of four at a family camp in Uruguay, where my parents are missionaries, after the children’s class, I indicated that I wanted to receive Christ as my Savior. The teacher took three of us aside and explained John 3:16. When I was 12, at another camp, I dedicated my life to the Lord—whatever He wanted of me, I was available!

After turning 15, while living in Ecuador, I had my first taste of Child Evangelism Fellowship®. The workers there encouraged me to go to Children’s Ministries Institute in Brazil. After that, I was off to Word of Life in Argentina and that was the end of my contact with CEF® (or so I thought). When I returned home (to Uruguay) from school, I got back in touch with CEF. After a couple years, the CEF workers retired and I kind of “inherited” the job. Vassilios Constantinidis came to Uruguay various times and spoke of the need. I knew it was the Lord who had prepared the way for me.

From April, 2004 until now I’ve been working with children, training teachers and the various other ministries involved with CEF.


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