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Edward and Maria Jesus Fitzgerald - Biblical Ministries Worldwide, Honduras

Ed served as a church planter in Argentina for four years before moving to his current work in Honduras. While in Argentina, he helped to complete the process of planting two churches in Corrientes and Leguna Seca as well as training leaders to take over these works. These men he trained are presently pastoring these two churches. Since moving to Honduras, Ed has been conducting small group classes for selected members of churches he has helped to start, enabling them to become qualified church leaders. Ed met his wife to be in Santa Rita, Copan, where he worked for four years. They were married March 16th, 2008, in the local Baptist church. Soon after the wedding, Maria began a two-year nursing program from which she graduated May 30th, 2010. In 2009, Ed & Maria bought land in San Rafael Mataras, Ocotepeque, and Ed built them a home from which to start a new work. Ed continues his teaching and church planting while Maria offers health care in the area as well as giving out the Gospel. Six Baptist churches were planted in Copan with us participating in the training of the leaders to be pastors and also in the construction of their pastoral homes and church buildings. Two Baptist Churches In the department of Ocotepeque; in all there were 10 that we planted and constructed parsonages and church buildings as well as trained all spiritual leaders. Dustin and Hannah Leatherman - Push the Rock – Northeast Ken and Jennifer Hatridge -Village Missions Doug and Jana Rogers - Indigenious Church Planting Donna Woerter - CEF - Southern Maine Child Evangelism Fellowship - Inc. State Work and Southern Maine Chapter New Brunswick Bible Institute- Canada


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