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Eddie & Rachel Andersen AIM

Eddie and Rachel Andersen serve in Northern Kenya with their six children: Uriah, Ja-el, Acacia, Miriam, Silas, and Ezra. Located in Dukana, Kenya, the Andersen’s work includes evangelism and discipleship through practical skills and Bible teaching.

They work among the Gabbra people, a nomadic pastoralist group who live in the desert herding camels, cattle, goats and sheep. The Gabbra people are an unreached people group of 89,000 people with approximately 200 known believers.

The Andersens have lived in East Africa since 2008. Eddie grew up as a missionary kid in Kenya and Rachel comes from Michigan. They met at Bible college while pursuing degrees in cross cultural studies. Eddie uses his skills in mechanics and engineering to reach out to people in the community while Rachel, pursuing midwifery studies, is able to build relationships while helping women and babies. Their children are home schooled as well as attend a boarding school for missionary children located in Kenya.


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